Company Brief

Angela Giles is a results-driven marketer, blogger, and speaker with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in helping overworked 7+ figure business owners automate their traffic and lead generation through social media marketing. Angela’s mission is to enable business owners to make a greater impact without sacrificing their personal life. Her clients are successful, philanthropic individuals who value connection and seek efficient marketing strategies to increase profitability and reclaim their time.

Problem Statement

Angela Giles faced dissatisfaction with her existing website, seeking a renewed design and improved functionalities to align with her brand and vision.

Our Solution

To address Angela’s needs, we provided a comprehensive solution. This included strategic branding, logo design, the creation of a promotional video, custom website design, seamless migration of her blog and data (including social media likes and media files), as well as plugin migration. We leveraged the power of WordPress, Photoshop, and various APIs to ensure a visually appealing, user-friendly, and fully functional website.

Tech Stack

The tech stack used for the website revamp involved WordPress as the content management system, Photoshop for design and graphics editing, and integration of various APIs to enhance functionality and streamline processes.


The collaboration with Angela Giles resulted in exceptional outcomes. The revamped website showcased an impressive design and improved functionalities, accurately reflecting Angela’s brand and vision. Visitors were captivated and engaged, and Angela expressed her satisfaction as a delighted client. She also provided valuable referrals, demonstrating her confidence in our work.