Company Brief

FLICK WILTSHIRE is a leading provider of end-to-end film and video services, offering seamless production from concept to completion. Vintage Flick Productions handles the front end of production, while Vintage Flick Edit specializes in post-production. They create custom content for various media formats, leveraging vintage cameras alongside digital and Hi-Def technology for the highest quality results. Their services cover social media, music videos, television commercials, and more.

Problem Statement

FLICK WILTSHIRE needed a new website to showcase their capabilities and services effectively.

Our Solution

We provided a comprehensive solution for FLICK WILTSHIRE, including designing a captivating logo, developing a visually appealing and functional website, implementing basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and integrating YouTube for seamless video content sharing. Additionally, we offered a suitable hosting solution to ensure optimal website performance.

Tech Stack

In the website development process, we utilized WordPress as the content management system, offering flexibility and ease of use. We employed Photoshop for creating stunning visuals and graphics, and integrated various APIs to enhance functionality.


FLICK WILTSHIRE became a satisfied client, expressing their appreciation for our work and the new website. Their positive experience led to valuable referrals, contributing to the growth of our client base.