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Our History

Since our founding  in 2008, Metamorpho Consulting has employed its relentless commitment to lending our Global HCM and Payroll Transformation expertise to world-class global organizations.  From her start on a temporary assignment as a garnishment clerk in 1996 until now, our founder has been committed to developing her expertise in order to provide the level of service that is second to none.  Her progressive experience has afforded her the unique opportunity to engage with organizations around the world across several sectors and industries. Danita has engaged with organizations with transformation needs that range from those that are straightforward to the most complex consisting of consolidations due to mergers and acquisitions from several entities on several platforms. Our commitment to serving our clients with skill, professionalism and expertise is what causes us to stand out in the crowd and we look forward to continuing to lend our expertise to organizations that need the expertise that we are ready to provide.

Why Choose Us

Proven Expertise Since 2008

Metamorpho Consulting excels in global HCM and Payroll transformations, delivering success to world-class organizations.

Founder's Journey

Our founder's 27-year evolution, from a garnishment clerk to a global expert, ensures unmatched service quality.

Global Engagement

Operating in 50+ countries, we navigate diverse projects—from simple transformations to complex mergers and acquisitions.

Tailored Solutions

Versatility is our strength. Whether your needs are straightforward or intricate, we craft solutions that fit seamlessly.

Commitment to Excellence

Our standout quality lies in serving clients with professionalism, skill, and an unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations.


Continued Dedication

With over 27 years of experience, Metamorpho Consulting remains your trusted partner for global transformation success.

Our Founder

Danita Minnifield is founder and CEO of Metamorpho Consulting.  With over 27 years of global HCM and Payroll industry experience, she thrives on sharing her world-class global expertise with her clients.   

Danita’s strength is in providing strategic direction regarding the delivery of global HCM and Payroll transformation services.  Her clients have included multi-national organizations that have employee populations ranging from 1000 to over 350,000 with global operations in 50+ countries around the globe.  

Danita offers her extensive Global HCM and Payroll operations and strategy experience to her clients in order to create best in class Global HCM and Payroll service delivery models utilizing technology, outsourcing and automation. 

Our mission

Metamorpho was founded in 2008 as a firm dedicated to partnering with our clients who need our expertise in order to successfully implement their global HCM and Payroll transformation initiatives.

Our value is rooted our expertise. We understand that it is our expertise that makes us relevant, therefore we are committed to ensuring that we are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed in order to provide our clients with the service that they not only expect but deserve.

Need help with HCM and Payroll? We are here to help.

Our journey

Our Past experience

Unilever Company

Served as Sr. IT Program Manager – Global Payroll responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks for the migration from ADP Enterprise to UltiPro HCM/Payroll. Responsible for performing vendor management responsibilities and the development of integrations between Workday, Kronos, and all 3rd party integrations. I was responsible for managing the implementation and development of global tax, legal and regulatory compliance requirements, and acquisitions/divestitures for entities in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. I managed the project scope that consisted of approximately 35,000 employees globally.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Served as Sr. IT Program Manager – Global Payroll responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks for the implementation of ADP GlobalView and Celergo for 37 countries. I managed the project scope that consisted of approximately 66,000 employees globally. Metamorpho Consulting collaborates with Bio-Rad Laboratories, revolutionizing scientific advancements. Together, we navigate transformative strategies, leveraging innovation to propel Bio-Rad's pioneering contributions in life sciences and diagnostics. Our partnership aims to shape a future where cutting-edge technologies and insightful consulting redefine the boundaries of scientific achievement.

University System of CA, Office of the President (UCOP)

Served as Sr. HCM/Payroll Project Manager responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks for various HCM and Payroll initiatives.

Metamorpho Consulting partners with the University System of California, Office of the President (UCOP), ushering in a new era of academic excellence. Through strategic guidance and visionary solutions, we collaborate to evolve and elevate the educational landscape. Together, we pave the way for innovative initiatives, shaping the future of higher education and fostering a transformative environment for both students and faculty within the UCOP community.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Served as HCM/Payroll Project Manager responsible for managing the overall consulting engagement and day-to-day tasks for various clients. Also responsible for managing the development of the integrations between ADP GlobalView, ADP Enterprise, ADP Workforce Now and Workday, ADP eTime, Kronos and other various 3rd party integrations. Responsible for creating new legal entities due to client mergers and acquisitions. I managed project scope for multiple clients with employee populations ranging from 1500 to more than 25,000 with employee populations dispersed across several countries.


I served as Sr. Project Manager - Global Payroll and Workday HCM responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks for the implementation of ADP GlobalView, ADP Celergo and their integration with Workday HCM for 12 countries across all theaters (North America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM). I managed the project scope that consisted of approximately 32,000 employees globally.

Reckitt Benckiser

Served as Sr. ADP GlobalView Project Manager responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks for the implementation of ADP GlobalView, ADP eTime, Kronos WFC and Kronos Dimensions for the United States and the consolidation of 4 legal entities due to acquisitions. I managed the project scope that consisted of approximately 9,000 employees

Partners and Clients