Construction & Warranty Management System

Among the features and functionalities of Construction Project Management Software are delineation of project objectives, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants.

Construction & Warranty Management System(WMS) Software Solution

For many companies, Construction Warranty Management has been seen as a necessary expense. Warranty management was found to cost between 4-5% of the company’s sales revenue and was considered a cost of customer satisfaction and an opportunity to build relationships with customers. Over the last few years, organizations have realized how valuable this area can be. Construction Warranty Management has become an independent revenue stream today. It has evolved over time. Best practices benchmarking has led to a reduction in the cost of service delivery of parts and a rise in customer satisfaction. Also, warranty services have become a separate revenue stream.

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Make warranty operations profitable instead of cost centers

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, warranty management is vital, but if it is not prioritized, your service operation costs will rise. Due to delayed communications, disparate systems, and manual tracking and reporting, claims to pile up and payouts are costly. Digital management can transform warranty operations into profit centers, where mishandled claims, steep costs, and low supplier recovery become a thing of the past.

Utilize warranty management to its fullest potential

  • By automating coverage and recall validation
  • Integrate front- and back-office systems
  • Automatically route cases based on your criteria
  • Manage claims globally, regionally, and locally
  • Produce reports with built-in documentation
  • Enhance recovery of parts and quality assurance
  • Quickly identify trends that can be improved
  • Transactions and processes are audited in details

Process of Warranty Claim Management Software

A Warranty management System automatically generates claims while integrating information into claim templates through mobile feeds and diagnostic devices. It also supports return material authorization, live tracking, authorization of returns, registration of stock, and more. The application enhances the quality of the product, maintains claims, and improves customer satisfaction.

A warranty management software keeps all warranty information on one platform. It manages on a centralized platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • Coordination is streamlined

The application streamlines the entire process and centralizes data, which enhances coordination between the service engineers and service managers

  • Automated warranty management

It streamlines and makes the warranty management process more systematic by automating the entire process in this way.

  • Provide competitive advantages

 Providing customer support can ensure customer satisfaction. The warranty management software offers all the tools needed to provide after-sales support which results in customer loyalty. The more customers you satisfy, the more sales you make.

  • Notice of warranty termination

The application allows you to track warranties that are about to expire. The applications facilitate the sale of Annual Maintenance Contracts to customers, which generate revenue for the organization.

  • Provides better customer service

Using this application, after-sale support players can offer effective solutions to customers, resulting in happier customers.

Advantages of Warranty Management Software

Our Warranty Management System helps companies automate claim processing by sharing warranty, customer, and product information automatically and simplifying data entry. It manages a variety of claim types, including used product warranty, parts warranty, extended warranty, and standard warranty, as well as recalls, campaigns, and goodwill. Reducing warranty costs improves business performance. As well as enhancing product quality, it also provides fraud detection and warranty analysis. A warranty management system can be integrated seamlessly with financial, ERP, and several other enterprise systems utilizing standard web solutions.

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Operational efficiency


Business scalability

Key benefits of our Construction Management System



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Construction management software is a set of project management tools that are taken advantage of by construction companies as an effective means to make improvements in the processes of planning, coordination, and control over the construction project implementation.
Construction software will enhance the project, helping to plan, control and coordinate the project from beginning to end. Integrated construction software lessens costly delays and affords good communication, enabling the field team to work to their maximum potential and avoid dangerous or costly mistakes.
Construction management is a professional service that provides a project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. Construction management is compatible with all project delivery methods.