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An Integrated, Robust and Scalable Warehouse Management System Solution for Warehouses,Retailers, Wholesalers,Manufacturers,Retailers, eTailers,Logistic companies,distributors, etc.

Warehouse Management System(WMS)Software Solution

In today’s fast-paced environment, Best Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software is able to streamline processes, manage complex operations effectively, improve productivity, and control all activities with greater agility and get access to in-depth reporting and analysis data, etc. Our warehouse management system automates all the functions across your business/enterprise including procurement, Storage, Warehousing, Inventory/Stock, Orders, Logistics, Delivery/Shipment, eCommerce and administration, etc. It’s a highly integrated and modular solution that can either be implemented as a complete solution or each module-wise. Following is the list of key modules of our WMS system We Provide Transparency, Security, And Efficiency With Our WMS Software As a result, organizations are able to improve their profits, performance, transparency, profits, and security across all channels due to the real-time exchange of data, end-to-end reporting, and overall administration.

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Key Modules - WMS

Warehouse Management System

Delivery Management system

Order Management System

Inventory Management System

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management system (WMS) is software used to keep track of inventory movement and to know the location of products and goods at any time during order fulfillment. It is possible to set up a warehouse management system as a stand-alone program or as part of an integrated ERP system that includes other modules such as accounting, order management, inventory management, material requirement planning (MRP), customer relationship management (CRM), and more, using a central system and data source.

The Warehouse Management System monitors manages and handles the tasks of a warehouse on a daily basis. WMS systems enable companies to operate third-party logistics. WMS software can be integrated into an ERP program or built as a standalone program.

   Warehouse design can be customized to meet the needs of any specific industry such as retail, Supply chain, manufacturing and FMCG, etc. A WMS identifies bin slotting that optimizes storage space while taking seasonal inventory variances into account.

Order Management System

  • Our Streamline multi-channel sales software managed your online orders in one place when you incorporated Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. Keeping an eye on your stock level and reorder point will prevent you from running out of stock.
  • We make packing and shipping easy. You can create packages, print package slips, and calculate shipping rates for different shipping services in real-time. The process can all be handled through our single order management system.
  • We provide Monitoring shipments with which our customers are informed about the location of their packages by monitoring their movement after shipment. This order management system will help you to create more satisfied customers.
  • Our online payment collection lets you start receiving payments right away once you’ve integrated your payment account. You can now accept payments from your customers easily, securely, and conveniently.
  • Analyze reports in detail and find out what is your most revenue-producing item, or monitor sales and purchase trends to stay on top of your competition.
  • Managing orders efficiently is easily done with the use of our warehouse management systems.

Delivery Management System

Our 3PL refers to the process of outsourcing the storage, fulfillment, and distribution of goods to third-party businesses. 3PL providers play a crucial role in the logistics management of warehouse supply chain logistics environments and provide critical logistical services for companies seeking expertise in inventory warehouse management and warehouse supply chain logistics. With multiple clients in different industries, accuracy and operational efficiency become more complex. We offer the 3PL providers a 3PL warehouse management system that can accommodate the varying needs and business practices of multiple customers.

Our Services may include:

  • Managing inbound and outbound freight
  • Warehousing processes of receiving and storing products
  • In order to fulfill customer orders
  • We process returns (also known as reverse logistics).

Inventory Management System

Inventory management and warehouse automation are increasingly important due to integrated logistics, same-day delivery, and e-commerce fulfillment. However, dealing with data and goods in the warehouse is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor that requires much manpower and investment. Numerogen Solutions has developed a system that combines the warehouse process with manhandling cost reduction in order to balance the requirement and its solution..

Key Integration

Our WMS solution is highly integratable with most of the popular e-commerce platforms, 3PL partners, ERPs, and many other service providers such as 

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A warehouse management system is called a WMS. It’s a tool that helps warehouses and distribution centers operate more efficiently. It covers all warehouse processes, including picking, storing, and shipping.
A WMS can benefit manufacturers and third parties. This software optimizes processes, analyzes worker efficiency, and reduces operational costs. The software eliminates error-prone manual processes and minimizes delivery lead time, which leads to satisfied customers.
There are four types of warehouse management systems: standalone software, supply chain modules, integrated ERP systems, and cloud-based software.