Lead Management System

Tracks Your Sales Pipeline and Manages Leads

Leads and Quotation Management system

Any business owner would agree with this statement that “Business Development/Sales is the strongest pillar of an organization”.  

A lead management system is a systematic process of monitoring, analyzing, and nurturing potential leads to convert them into potential business opportunities. Using lead management systems, you can understand your customers’ needs and provide them with suitable solutions. A quotation management system (QMS) software will design and automate the client’s quotation. A QMS is designed to enhance the efficiency of creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintaining billing and shipping information, and providing enhanced QMS reporting capabilities.

Lead tracking software can help you gather and streamline inquiries from multiple sources into a unified cloud-based dashboard. This allows you to browse detailed company details, contacts, and interactions. Bring together multiple sources of leads, including emails, calls, web forms, marketing campaigns, and channel partners into one dashboard.

You can keep track of every lead at every stage with our lead tracking app and get real-time updates on each prospect

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Features of Our of Lead Management System



Lead Distribution Automation

Our system includes Automatic Integrated Marketing. Almost every company uses marketing strategies and campaigns to reach out to potential customers. You can assign leads to your team according to the location, department, and product. Leads should be re-routed equally based on the agent’s availability and follow-ups should be optimized. Organize your lead flow and make sure that no lead goes unnoticed.

Management of Territories

A simple solution to smart routing. Track the leads generated in all territories and assign them according to the territory. By adding depth to your data, our Management helps you focus on your most potential leads. You can automate your sales tasks, reroute leads, reroute accounts, round robin, and accelerate the growth and revenue. Ensure that leads are automatically redirected to the appropriate territory to speed up your lead management process.

Monitoring & Management

It allows you to schedule and track lead activities. It can sometimes be difficult to choose which leads to focus on when you have a large number of leads. We help you prioritize leads based on tags such as Hot, Warm, and Cold to increase conversion rates. You can separate your leads based on the industry and automatically allocate them to the appropriate team. Use the pinnable dashboard to pin all the lead information you want to see.

Reporting & Analysis

Our Leads and Quotation Management system also offers reporting and analysis. 

Role of Leads and Quotation Management system

In many cases, lead management precedes sales management, customer relationship management, and customer experience management. In addition to facilitating profitability, this connectivity facilitates the acquisition of new customers, the sale to existing customers, and the creation of a market brand

Features of Leads and Quotation Management system

  • Improve lead monitoring
  • Automation- increase productivity. It leads to capturing and intelligent routing
  • Details insight with reporting and analytics
  • Improve team coordination like inter-department communication option
  • Improve productivity and maximize ROI
  • Integration with different platforms
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Schedule and track lead management activity
  • Unified dashboard for leads coming through different channels

Integrated marketing using automated systems

The majority of companies use their marketing strategies and campaigns to reach out to their potential customers. You can use lead management mobile apps and software to dynamically integrate customer information into campaigns you run using different channels like emails, websites, third-party portals, etc. This will allow you to track your strategies and determine what is working and how. It is also possible to stop investing in channels that do not generate results for your business and eliminate the risk of repeated contact entries.

An intelligent routing system

Each company has a unique work structure. A few firms assign tasks to their sales representatives according to their zones, while others assign tasks according to their skill set and area of expertise. Your sales team is now able to be automatically assigned and routed tasks by a mobile app or software. As a result, your team members are all assigned the same tasks, and productivity is increased.

Tracking lead activities and scheduling

Your sales team is mostly on the road and in the middle of closing deals for your company, so it is difficult for them to keep track of which leads they have worked on. In this case, it is best to use a lead management mobile app or software. Using this software, sales reps can now keep track of their activities on the mobile app itself. As well as this, they can schedule email communication for their contacts and request reminders and notifications for follow-ups and meetings. In this way, you can always rest assured that you’re never missing out on a potential customer.

Performing analyses and reporting

It is often a difficult task to generate business reports for large organizations. Therefore, having a mobile app and software for lead management in the cloud can reduce your reporting hassles by half. You can track and analyze your entire business with lead management software. This software can be used to determine everything from your marketing investment to your return on investment. CRM makes it easy for businesses to keep track of leads generated and progress in performance.

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